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Since Hongdae became the largest downtown area in Korea, interesting shops have started to increase in Hapjeong, Sangsu and Mangwon areas around Hongdae.

Among them, the Mangwon area has the most cafes that are currently attracting lots of attention. The cafe “Photosynthesis” to be introduced today is one of the most famous cafes on the Internet in Korea.

The neon sign in the photo is like the symbol for the cafe ‘Photosynthesis’.

Is it because the name of the cafe is “Photosynthesis”? There were houseplants everywhere in the store.

The interior is decorated with furniture full of individuality, rather than the all-white interior that has become popular recently.

The most popular menu of cafe “photosynthesis” is tiramisu.

Moderate sweetness, the bitterness of coffee and mellowness of cream cheese go well.

It was very delicious.

The atmosphere was good, the taste of the cake and the coffee was very delicious, and I felt like I could understand why it was popular online.

There are lots of plants in the simple and fashionable shop, it is exactly a place of relaxation in the city.

Access is also good because it is within walking distance from Hongdae Station.

If you want to go to a hot place popular with Korean girls, please visit once.

However, because it is a popular store, you should avoid visiting it on weekends and during busy hours.

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