How to Make Ram-Don from ‘Parasite’?


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Bong Joon-ho’s movie ‘Parasite’ won four crowns at Academy Awards, and the Chapaguri(Ram-Don) recipe has gained global attention.


‘Parasite’ rewrote the history of Korean film and academy by achieving four crowns at the 92nd Academy Awards held at the Hollywood Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA on the 10th (Korea Time). Since then, theaters showing ‘Parasite’ have been expanded in North America. In the film Ram-Dong with loin, which Jo Yeojung has deliciously eaten, stimulated appetite of the ‘parasite’ fans, attracting interest in the recipe.


Ram-Don is a mixture of chapaghetti and Neoguri. When the water boils, add both noodles and then about 4 minutes later, strain the noodles but keep little water.


 Add two-thirds of the Neoguri soup and one bag of Chapaghetti soup, and mix well. In the ‘Parasite’, it was used as a device to show the gap between the rich and poor by adding the luxury of Korean beef.


On the other hand, Ram-Don of ‘parasites’ was not Nongshim’s product placement (PPL), but it was well received due to the popularity of ‘Parasites’. In response, Nongshim posted a video on the YouTube channel on 11th in English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Myanmar, introducing a recipe for Ram-Don.

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