Stamp Coffee

This time, we will introduce the popular cafe “Stamp Coffee” which is famous for its meringue cookies with dog motifs.

The most popular meringue cookies are eaten with Soybean flour.

The quality of the taste is as high as the visual, making it popular on the menu.

In “Stamp Coffee”, you take the cakes and bread lined up in the store on trays and take them to the cash register.

If you want to eat the sweets from the showcase, say so to the clerk and one will be taken out.

Sweets can be taken home, but if you want to eat in the store, it is a rule to order one drink per person.

This store has two floors, the space behind the cash register on the first floor and the entire second floor is a cafe space.

The second floor is a popular space because it has lots of seats and is spacious.

The windows are large and plenty of natural light allows you to feel very relaxed.

Because there is an outlet, you can charge your devices and be comfortable.

After completing your order at the cash register, pick up a fork with your number and wait at the table.

When the number is called, you can exchange it with a fork and take it to your seat.

Why don’t you visit Stamp Coffee which sells popular meringue cookies that look good and taste good?

Access >>>

Line 2 Hongik University Station 15 15 minutes walk from Exit 3

Opening hours >>>

11: 00 ~ 21: 00

Open all year round

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