TOUS les JOURS is a very popular bakery chain located anywhere in Korea.

TOUS les JOURS is a bakery that means “every day” in French and wants you to eat delicious every day.

For this reason, a wide variety of high-quality bread and cakes are displayed so that they will not get tired of eating them every day.

In addition, various trejour products such as jam, sweets and ice cream are sold.

The tomato sandwich is very popular among Koreans.

The tomatoes are large and fresh, with chicken sandwiched inside.

There are plenty of salads too, and the mayonnaise sauce is plenty painted so it won’t stop if you eat a bite.

Their brownies are also very rich and very popular.

Therefore, depending on the time, they may be sold out, so please get it as soon as you find it.

In Korea, there are few specialty shops called cake shops, and cakes are generally sold together with bakery shops.

Among them, Trejur cake is delicious, and the taste and price are the best.

There is a cafe corner in TOUS Les JOURS and the menu is plentiful!

There are smoothies as well as coffee and tea!

Smoothies here are cheap and taste very good, so try drinking smoothies along with bread.

It is a famous chain store with many stores all over Korea, so please drop in casually.

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