“What is ‘VADIS Festival’ of Daewon International Middle School?”

Intern Reporter: Shin Jung woo  

(Daewon international Middle School)

I would like to introduce the VADIS Festival, which is the pride of Daewon International Middle School. VADIS Festival lasts two days. In 2019, we enjoyed the festival from the 17th to the 18th of October.

The first day was for school clubs. Each club showed many things that they had been preparing for a year. But most of the clubs sold food, which was a little bit easier to prepare. 


The picture below was one of the best clubs. This club cooked and sold grilled ribs

My club’s booth was DROB, which was a reading discussion club located on the 2nd floor. We earned a lot of money by selling Japaguri and many snacks. Our club won first place and got a gift certificate.

In the afternoon, all the students gathered in the auditorium. The MC was funny and made us laugh. He also gave us cultural gift cards. You can think of this time as doing a talk show.

The second day of the VADIS festival was the day of the presentations of each club. In the morning, the Moment (UN simulation court) and Cheerleading groups were announced. Moment was conducted in a quiet atmosphere like a real court. Not everyone seemed interested, but it was a little intriguing because it was like a real court. Next was a cheerleading club. I applaud the cheerleaders who practiced for a year and showed their perfect dance.

There were several performances in the afternoon — everything from,

songs, orchestras, and dancing.

Above is the scene of our class. Our class was a joint winner.

 And finally, there was a celebration of entertainers that all the students wanted.

    The photo above shows the group (G)I-DLE.

The photos on the left are rapper Rohann. He was runner-up in Higher Rapper 2

Nucksal. Nucksal is the head of a rapper company called VMC

Shin Jung Woo

Daewon International Middle School.

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