Baruda Teacher Kim

[Use carefully selected materials for health. Popular Gimbap Chain Store]

Speaking of Gimbap, it is a typical Korean food, but this time it is an introduction to a famous Gimbap chain store that is health-conscious and a little expensive.

A chain store that has gained popularity with Gimbap(김밥) that is particular about healthy ingredients is Baruda Teacher Kim.

The popular menu is “Barun gimbap,” the most basic dish full of ingredients such as cucumbers, carrots, and eggs.

“Cream cheese walnut gimbap” with rich cream cheese and walnut texture accents are also famous.

Among the gimbap sold by Baruda Teacher Kim, the most popular product is the Fried shrimp gimbap.

The fried shrimp is fried after receiving the order, so it is fresh and crispy.

In addition to the exquisite balance of the fragrance and rice of the fried food and the ingredients, the flavor of sesame oil enhances the taste even more!

Anyway, how can I make a gimbap with such a thin portion of rice?

Take-out is also possible, so you can take it back to your hotel or guesthouse and eat it.

In the case of take-out, it will not be crushed because it will be put in a box.

There are stores all over Korea, so be sure to stop by when traveling not only in Seoul but also in Busan, Incheon and Gyeonggi Province.

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