Unexpected search ranking #1 of ‘Titanic’

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There stand BTS member V after Titanic taken no. 1 in search ranking?

On the 13th, ‘Titanic’ appeared in the portal sites real-time search terms, attracting attention from the background that was reversed.

First of all, it seems that the film Titanic was broadcasted on OCN, a movie channel starting from 11 am on that day.

Titanic, a film featuring Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, was re-lighted in 11 categories as Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite won the 4th crown at 2020 Academy Awards on the 10th. The movie ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’, which coincided with Brad Pitt, was nominated for this awards, and Leonardo DiCaprio on a seat was captured at the ceremony.

But another interpretation came out. A Spanish media wrote an article featured comparing Leonardo DiCaprio’s in the film Titanic and the K-pop group BTS’ member V. As this article was shared among ARMY, ‘Titanic’ emerge as a keyword

FLOXER NOW, a web platform of Spanish media group Artresmedia, published the article on February 9 that BTS member V is young version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

The media said, V and Leonardo DiCaprio are born stars to stand in front of the camera.

 If the magical technique of the film is added, BTS’ V could act as DiCaprio in his youth. “

The photos of DiCaprio in youth and V’s with the article are amazingly resemble in handsomeness and slender jawline and more.

Earlier, a plastic surgeon in South Korea said that V’s face was perfect as golden ratio and analyzed that he reminded of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Meanwhile V appeared on the 11th (local time) in a presentation video of ‘Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2020’ event held in ‘Palace of Fine Art’ in San Francisco, USA.

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