Chungha to participate in ‘New Wave’ Project… and to release new album on 29th

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Singer Chungha announces a new album as part of ‘New.wav’ project.

On the 17th, MNH Entertainment announced that “Chungha will release a new album on 29th through the new music project ‘New.wav’.”

Chungha, the second runner of the ‘New.wav’ project WILL BE WORKING WITH PRODUCER Armadillo, who has written and composed a number of hit songs, including Suzy’s ‘Pretend’, ‘I’m in Love with Someone Else’ and Lee Hae-ri’s ‘Just Cry.’

The music video will feature a special actor who is showing his ability in a currently airing drama to attract fans’ expectations.

The ‘New.wav’ project combines the meaning of new music giving rise to a new wave in the pop music industry and the music file format wav. On the 6th, BVNDIT, who participated as the first runner of ‘New.wav’, unveiled ‘Cool’ and gathered a topic with unique concept and new attempt.

Chungha, who has established herself as the best female solo singer in Korea with the perfect song and powerful performances such as ‘Gotta Go’, ‘Roller Coaster’ and ‘Snapping’ and more, will reveal the dignity of ‘the queen of sound source’ once again through this project..

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