At CHURRO101, located in Hongdae, a city where Korean youth gather, you can eat freshly fried colorful churros.

The dark chocolate berry crunch churros, with its impressive red crunch chocolate, is a popular item.

Also, FILLED CHURROS, which has cream inside the churros, is also popular.

Of FILLED CHURROS with cream inside the churros, oreo churros and cream cheese churros are recommended.

Oreo churros is a perfect match for sweet oreo cookies and fresh cream inside, and cream cheese churros is a delicious addition to refreshing cream cheese.

CHURRO101, located in Hongdae, is where you can enjoy such freshly-fried colorful churros.

Hongdae is also a city where there are many young people, and photogenic sweets are born one after another.

At CHURRO101 in Hongdae, you can eat more than 10 colorful churros.

Another attraction of CHURRO101 is the ice cream churros. You can eat rich, soft ice cream ice and crispy churros at the same time! If you are tired of eating only Churros, this ice cream Churros. it’s recommended.

CHURRO101 is about a 10-minute walk from Hongik University Station.

There is also eat-in space so that you can eat churros in a warm store even in cold winters.

Choose your favorite flavor from a wide variety of churros!

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