‘Parasite’ respond to Indian movie “Minsara Kanna’?

[Maeil Business Star Today Han Hyun-jeong]

An Indian filmmaker has accused “Parasite” (director Bong Joon-ho) of plagiarism, CJ entertainment said “We know nothing”.

On Februray 18 CJ Entertainment, a distributor of Parasite stated on Maeil Business Star Today that “We have no knowledge about plagiarism claims from an Indian Film, “We have not received any information regarding this issue.”

Earlier, Indian media Indian Express reported producer P.L Thenappan claimed plagiarism in the similar composition of his film ‘Minsara Kanna’ in 1999 and ‘Parasite’.

‘Minsara Kanna’ tells the story that a young male named Canan falls in love with a woman from wealthy family then enters home as a bodyguard to persuade the family. And even the Canan’s family works at home as servants and cooks..

Director Ravikumar, who directed ‘Minsara Kanna’, said “I haven’t yet seen ‘Parasite’.  I’m happy that the story has received an Oscar, even if Minsara Kanna served as an inspiration. However, filing a case is up to the producer.”

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