Located in the back alley of Gyeonglidan Street, where unique shops are located, SARU is a unique cafe where you can enjoy not only delicious roasted coffee but also the flowers and music that fill the shop.

This shop is produced by five creators, including fashion designers, photographers, typographers, filmmakers, and owners of baristas and space designers.

SARU is about a 15-minute walk from Subway Line 6 Station, Noksapyeong, or Itaewon.

Blue painted walls. The shop is open and has lots of flowers.

The menu of CAFE SARU is basically just-drinks. There are no desserts or foods, so we recommend going after eating lightly!

On the drink menu, the owner seems to have a strong commitment to coffee.

The atmosphere is calm, with calm BGM flowing in the store and Western movies streaming on the screen.

There are not many seats; however, it is a small and cozy cafe.

There are many dried flowers on the ceiling.

Also, the interior was designed with flowers arranged throughout the store.

At CAFE SARU, we have a service that gives customers a “flower gift.” There is no condition to receive a gift, and it is given to all female customers!

Not only dried flowers, but some customers have received fresh flowers. What you get depends on the day, so look forward to it!

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