Street Churros

“Churros” has been a big boom in Korea for several years. If you put cinnamon, cocoa powder, coconut, etc. on freshly fried crispy churros, the sweet scent is irresistible. If the churros are sold at theme parks or movie theaters, many people are tempted by the sweet scent and buy it.

In Korea, churros with chocolate and icing are fashionably coated.

There are even those decorated with colorful chocolates and sprays, as well as meal-based churros with sausages and cheese.

This is the “Street Churros” that pioneered the Churros boom in Korea.

Street churros is a classy gourmet street food that has been transformed into a premium sweet by a top chef with experience in a five-star restaurant.

There are many tasty churros, from simple original churros to those with cool ice cream and cute decorations.

There were a lot of churros you would like to eat at street churros, such as original churros and churros with ice cream.

There is an abundant drink menu, including coffee and as well as fruit tea and yogurt smoothies.

Since the churros are sweet, we recommend ordering a slightly bitter drink.

If you go to Korea to live or just to shop, why not take a break or go around the Korean sweets?

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