SPECTRUM releases new album ‘0325’ today (24th) …

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The hottest showtime of the group SPECTRUM begins.

SPECTRUM (Minjae, Dongkyu, Jaehan, Hwarang, Billen, Eunjun) will release their fourth single album ‘0325’ on the 24th at noon on various online music sites.

‘0325’ is a new release of the SPECTRUM in about 10 months after the ‘Refreshing time’ announced in April last year, the title song ‘SHOWTIME’ expresses their ambition to show them all for 3 minutes and 25 seconds of running time

SPECTRUM has been showing their refreshing and youthful charm through the previous album, ‘Refreshing Time’, while ‘0325’ will steal the hearts of fans with its charismatic and sexy male beauty.

The title song ‘Showtime’ is a stylish dance song with strong bass and drums from the beginning, and is an impressive track with the passion and ambition of SPECTRUM, which has returned to a more beautiful appearance. Once heard, the addictive sound lingering in your ears and the beat that excite your body will captivate listeners at once.

In addition, ‘0325’ has contained four tracks, including a pop ballad song ‘My Star’ with lyrical piano melodies and a warm heart, future pop-style song ‘Highway’ which makes you feel like you want to leave for a driving, and the instrumental version of the title track ‘Showtime’.

SPECTRUM means that as light passes through the prism and has various colors, the group will show a variety of music through various charms of members rather than a single music. Since debuting with the first single album ‘Be Born’ in 2018, the boy band has gained global popularity not only in Korea but also in Asia and South America.

Meanwhile, SPECTRUM will be active through music broadcasting and various contents.

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