Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin “Love’s Crash”, Netflix Worldwide Stream “Popular to Syndrome”

‘Love’s crash‘ was released in 190 countries around the world through Netflix. In Asia, including Korea, the English-speaking region, and Latin America, the broadcast was released after the regular broadcast was finished. Japan and Europe were released at the same time on February 16th. “Love’s crash” is popular in many places around the world.

Love’s crash is particularly popular in Taiwan. Most newspapers in Taiwan reported dramas. And many media are pouring out articles every day. In addition, fan pages are generated through social media in Southeast Asia and South America, where photos and videos are exchanged, and Netflix’s four video views on social media exceeded 5.6 million views. This is overwhelmingly high compared to other programs. This popularity extends beyond Asia to North America, South America, and Europe.

Studio Dragon, the producer, is also seeing worldwide popularity. They are being asked for interviews and data from a number of foreign media, including CNN, The Associated Press, ABC News, Forbes, and Spanish news agencies. The reporter said, “The special situation of South Korea and the realistic representation of North Korea seemed special to the world, which is very interesting phenomenon.”

An official at Netflix said, “Made in Korea” content created by domestic creators is loved by many overseas fans beyond Korea through Netflix. They said, “As interest in Korean dramas is growing around the world, we expect overseas fans looking for good dramas to continue watching ‘Love’s crash’ on Netflix.”

The PD, who produced the drama, said, “I am happy and proud to have such good results from the initial overseas shooting and the domestic shooting in cold weather.”, “I thought that it was the result of a combination of many elements, such as unique background setting, exciting development, cast of actors, sensational direction and visual beauty, and I was able to cheer up the support of the viewers who sent me to the drama.” He conveyed his feelings.

A studio dragon official said, “With the recent global entertainment streaming service, the content is released worldwide in real time, so overseas viewers and the media are responding immediately in a wider area than before.” Studio Dragon plans to strategically utilize streaming services as content distribution platforms in line with global media trends.


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