Why is it hard to buy a mask in Korea?

As mask shortages in Korea have intensified, domestic masks have been exported to China on a large scale.

According to the Korea Customs Service and Korea International Trade Statistics Agency import and export statistics on the 25th, exports of fine dust masks to China, which amounted to US $ 600,000 in December last year, increased nearly 100 times to $ 61.35 million in January.

In February, the government proposed full-scale supply and demand for masks, but to no avail. On the contrary, in February, China’s mask exports to China amounted to $ 118.4 million, according to preliminary statistics on February 20.
That’s 200 times soaring in December. By February 20, total mask exports amounted to $ 13.54 million, with more than 90% of the masks exported (118.84 million) in China. The above statistics are based on the Customs Code of the Customs Code HS 6307909000, which also includes some other products of fiber other than masks.

In the meantime, the doctors association said, “Mask uprising is happening because the whole people can’t get the mask properly. A lot of them are taken to China every day.”

As the mask crisis became serious, the government poured out measures related to masks. On the 12th, the first price stabilization law was proposed. In fact, there were no export restrictions. If formal customs clearance is done, there is no problem with the mask going out of the country. It is all the government’s action to require the Customs Service to officially export when exporting more than 1000 masks. Most of them were either banning the buying of stalls or cracking down on illegal activities of individual merchants.

An official of the mask joint enforcement officer said, “If Chinese companies formally ordered our factory, they are not subject to crackdown in principle.” The government is also considering launching additional emergency control measures that can be controlled by the government tomorrow. ”

In the whole country, “disruption” has occurred to save the mask. Some shops have long lines of people who want to buy masks, and many shoppers want to buy large quantities at once, limiting the number of purchases per person to 20. An official from Lotte Mart said, “Lotte Mart collected as many as 1,000 masks in stores across the country, but it was exhausted in just one to two hours.”


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