‘Good’ manufacturers lower prices despite mask shortage

With the outbreak of new corona virus infections (Corona 19), mask shortages have been around the country for more than a month, attracting attention from e-commerce companies and mask makers who sold their products at lower prices.

According to the e-commerce industry on March 2, lifestyle specialist Convenience, which has been operating the ‘Dust Monji’ brand of fine dust mask since 2014, recently attracted attention as the mask price was lowered than usual.

Convenience also sold 50 KF94 masks at 15,900 won, using all of its inventory from the Timon Black Deal, which began shortly after last year’s holiday. The price per sheet is only 318 won per mask.
The price has been lowered by more than 100 won per piece from the usual selling price. The masks that were prepared at that time were all sold in less than an hour, and the total sales of this month jumped 133307% month-on-month. Convenience is a frequent participant in Timon’s time discount stores, including 1212 Times, Timon Flat Price, and 10-Day Stores. Convenience COO said, “The most important thing is customer safety and price.” “The synergy that we expected was good.”

In 2016, Convenience also carried out a project to create fine dust maps that can grasp the movement of fine dust around the country.

  If you use the portable dust meter ‘Mon Air’ and a dedicated smartphone app, the measurement value is automatically updated on the map mounted on the app.

As mask shortages continue, Convenience is currently working to secure inventory to resell masks at the best possible price.


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