best taxpayers, IU and LEE-seo-jin

Singer IU and actor Lee Seo-jin is subject to Presidential Award as best taxpayers.

The 3rd best publicly available through national websites taxpayer roster has raised the IU and Lee Seo-jin name. The Tax Department posted a list of 1076 exemplary taxpayers and 30 beautiful taxpayers on the homepage. The model taxpayer evaluates and selects the amount of tax paid, contributions to job creation, and donation and service activities.

Both are exemplary by paying taxes in earnest and at the same time making good donations whenever the country is in trouble.

IU have helped greatly in preventing spread of 19 Corona recently donated medical protective clothing, such as 3000 (100 million won worth).

Lee Seo Jin donated 100 million won to the Daegu Social Welfare Community Fund on 27th of last month.

IU and Lee Seo-jin does not grant direct awards because the awards dwaetgi reduced to a new corona virus infection (19, Corona) filter. Instead, the competent tax office will deliver the certificate directly.

The National Tax Department said, “Even if we cancel (reduce) the celebration of Taxpayer’s Day, the commendation for exemplary taxpayers, beautiful taxpayers, and cleaning coordinators will be handed out to the local authorities and tax offices. We will do our best to continue to expand our preferential taxpayer benefits so that we can be proud and respected socially. ”


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