Eulji famous restaurant. ‘JUYUSO Restaurant’

There is a long loved place in Euljiro. The name of this place is JUYUSO. It is an old small shop and popular with many taxi drivers in Korea, but nowadays it is popular with various people. Many people come to the restaurant and think that it is a BAEKBAN specialty, but the menu is surprisingly diverse. There are various kinds of stew (6,000 won) such as kimchi, soybean paste, soybean curd, and dongtae, cheonggukjang, squid white spot (6,000 won), early spicy soup (6000 won), and Daegutang (7,000 won). But the main place here is fried octopus (7000 won). A pot full of cabbage and various vegetables appears, but when the fire rises, it loses its power and octopus begins to appear among the vegetables. It is spicy and the seasoning starts to boil a bit, and the spicy scent tickles the tip of the nose.

 You should ask for spicy when ordering. A spicy fish ladle is poured into a bowl of rice and eaten. The tip is to control the spicyness with the bean sprouts that come with it. Sweat is caught in chewy octopus’s texture and rich spicy taste. The real famous is the side dish here. One bowl of octopus fried bibimbap is enough for a meal. However, kimchi, herbs, and side dishes that are dipped in Jeolla-do add flavors and upgrade the taste to the next level.
Location 11 hours Changgyeonggung-ro 5-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 09: 00 ~ 23: 00


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