Rain, Seo. Lower rents, join the “good landlords movement”

Broadcaster Seo Jang-hoon and singer / actress Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) joined the “good landlords movement” due to the rent cuts and helped to damage Corona19.

According to the real estate industry, Seo recently decided to reduce rents by 10% for two months to tenants in three buildings in Seocho-dong, Heukseok-dong and Seogyo-dong, Seoul. Seo Jang-hoon’s building mainly houses karaoke and restaurants.

Seo owns 20 billion units and 10 billion units in Seocho-dong and Heukseok-dong, respectively.
Last year, it bought 18 billion buildings near Hongdae in Mapo-gu, Seoul and rose to 40 billion building owners.

Rain said in a letter, “We believe that existing Corona 19 may have caused significant difficulties in the operation of the shop. We decided to charge you only 50% of your rent in March to relieve the company’s grievance.”

For the many self-employed people who are struggling with Corona 19, many landlords are participating in lowering rents.

  That’s good news. Small but energetic actions in the toughest crisis season. The building owners said cheering for

all those who are self-employed in Korea.


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