CU said that the sales of instant rice bowls have doubled due to the popularity ofkoko-donburi’.
Coco Rice Bowl is a menu that was developed by the comedian Lee Kyung-kyu on the theme of chicken in the entertainment program ‘Poster’. It is characterized by the addition of spicy sweet marmara sauce and savory onion flakes.

In just two days after its launch, Coco Rice Bowl ranked # 1 in both CU Instant Rice bowl category sales and sales volume.
The company analyzed that it received high attention from consumers because it was a chicken menu presented by Lee Kyoung-kyu, who is famous for chicken dishes such as the hit product ‘Kokoko-myeon’ and a chicken specialty store.

With the increase in the sales of Koko-don, 8 tons of domestic chicken is consumed in just 10 days, which has helped domestic farmers.
Previously, CU presented the first restaurant, Lee Kyung-kyu, 2nd Don Spike Meat Pie, the 3rd Jung Il-woo Tteok Chupapao, and the 4th Lee Young-ja Paretang noodles. Some proceeds from the hen restaurant series will be used to support fasting children.

CU officials will actively promote products to maximize collaboration synergy, as some of the profits from the one-store affiliate products will be used for our children.

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