CJ ‘bibigo dumplings’ sell better in the US than in Korea

Last year, CJ CheilJedang’s bibigo dumplings‘ overseas sales exceeded 60%.
CJ CheilJedang said on the 19th that overseas sales of bibigo dumplings last year increased by about 50% to 55 billion won. Domestic and overseas sales amounted to W886.8bn, of which 63.6% accounted for overseas sales (552bn).

By country, the breakthrough in the United States was outstanding. Last year, Bibigo Dumplings achieved sales of US $ 363 billion, up nearly 50% from the previous year. Bibigo dumplings United States sales surpassed domestic (31 billion won) for the first time last year.
Sales also grew in all regions, including China, Vietnam, Europe and Japan. In China, the company posted sales of 92 billion won, exceeding 100 billion won. In Vietnam, the company recorded sales of KRW60 billion, growing at an annual rate of 100% over the last three years. Europe and Japan also saw their sales grow YoY.
Bibigo Dumpling’s global influence was mainly due to thorough localization and infrastructure expansion.
CJ CheilJedang made dumplings based on Korean-style dumplings but using ingredients preferred by locals. The company developed chicken and cilantro dumplings with chicken and cilantro in the United States. In China, they used corn and cabbage to release ‘bibigo corn king’ and ‘bibigo cabbage king’.


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