Nene Chicken’s Soy Crunch Wingbong, March Spring New Menu

Nene Chicken, a chicken specialty brand, launched a new menu, Soy Crunch Wing Bon, in spring. Other chicken brands are releasing chickens of various flavors in the spring of March.

Nene Chicken introduced a new flavor of chicken to consumers among the fierce competition. The newly launched Soy Crunch Wing Bon is a chicken that has a crispy texture by applying Nene Chicken’s 20-year fried chicken know-how to the Wing Bong.


French fries are basically served like chicken. With the economic downturn, the company is launching products with good value for money. It’s a product that gives you pleasure as well as price.

Nene Chicken officials argued that consumers’ preference for Wing Bong Chicken continues to rise. While thinking about new menus, he said that he developed a menu based on these ideas.

You can enjoy the juicy and tender wings with sweet and salty menu. An official said that with the three-color chicken that has been loved so far, we hope you enjoy this menu more deliciously.

Information about the new menu Soy Crunch Wing Bon and events can be found on the official website of Nene Chicken and SNS.

As the economy slows and self-employment becomes difficult, the food service industry is also trying hard.



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