80’s recipient hand mask delivery

“The mask is expensive…”

A senior citizen came to the Administrative Welfare Center in Deokcheon 1-dong, Buk-gu, Busan on the 3rd.

A (83), who was often visited at the community center as a basic living beneficiary, had something in his hand.

Mr. A told a public official, “You have a lot of trouble these days.”

A hand-made 20 masks.
Employees who received the masks shed tears.

The mask was a bit special.

There were traces of hand-stitching around the mask made of cotton that changed its color a little bit old.

The staff refused to use the mask, but A accidentally threw the mask on the desk and disappeared.

Receiving a mask, the staff said, “We had to give a mask to the elderly, but I didn’t think at first.” .

Upon hearing the news, the director called A to thank A.

Mr. A explained to the director, “I received a lot of help from the staff and I’m busy with Corona 19 these days, so I made my own mask to express my gratitude.”

“I wanted to make a high-fidelity mask using the sewing machine that was used in the past, but the sewing machine was broken or made of hand-stitched.”
In consideration of Mr. A’s warm heart, the staff wore a group photo wearing a mask and hand heart to A.
In addition, in the Buk-gu, Busan, the ‘Hope of Hope’ has continued in various places, including donating 700 masks that Mr. Seo Won-jin hardly wanted to help the vulnerable in the building.

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