Kim Jong Un `consolation Corona Letter`

Kim Jong-un, a North Korean secretary-in-chief, sent a letter to President Moon Jae-in to convey condolences regarding the Corona 19 incident, Cheong Wa Dae(Blue house) said.


Yoon Do-han, chief of communication at the Blue House, gave a briefing on the afternoon. “Kim said he would give comfort to our people who are fighting Corona 19 and believe they will overcome it.” North Korea’s intention was that Kim sent a message after Kim’s younger sister Kim Yeo-jung, the first vice chairman of the Labor Party Central Committee, said on the 3rd that she expressed her amazement at the Blue House’s poor thinking. Attention is focused. Kim sent a direct message to President Moon about four months after he sent his condolences to Moon’s mother on October 30 last year.

The Blue House did not acknowledge or deny the North’s request for assistance. It is possible that Kim expressed his intention to restore dialogue and cooperation between the two Koreas from health-related fields such as Corona19. Due to the nature of North Korea, there is also a vigilant theory that it is aimed to seek urgent support in the health sector as a bait to resume dialogue.

One year after the Hanoi talks broke down, it is noteworthy whether the North Koreans had expressed their intention to resume dialogue.


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