Songpa-gu restaurants ‘Bekiyonbang’

Hello I am going to introduce Bekiyonbang, a delicious shop in Songpa-gu, Korea

The store sells steak rice bowls with only 10 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. I went to 1 pm. So I couldn’t eat steak 😂 If you want to eat steak dong, go ahead and make a reservation. The menu I ate was Korean beef giblet rice bowl and seseriebi udon.

Korean beef giblet rice bowl is divided by price. The owner of this store came back from studying udon in Japan, and the rice bowls were more popular than udon. I visited this store with my Japanese friend. My friend praised him for eating udon and it really tastes like udon in Japan!

There are many companies nearby, so if you have lunch, you may have to wait outside. I was lucky and didn’t wait, but it was nice to have a chair ready to wait outside.

The most popular menu in this shop is 1.steak dong

2.hanwoo giblet rice bowl

3.salmon rice bowl

4.tareisese rice bowl

5.seriebi udon.

When the ingredients are used up, the menu is not available on that day. But you don’t have to worry about basic menus like sake and butadon. Most people eat lemon sour in the store, but there are also non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, so you can enjoy it to your liking. Chicken wing dumplings and lemon sour make lemon sour 1 + 1 so you can enjoy it cheaper if you go with 2 people. Then it was the introduction of delicious shops in Songpa-gu so far. Eat delicious😄

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