Students who want to reduce tuition due to class disruption… Universities are ‘wary’

There is a conflict of tuition fees in college. The proliferation of Corona19 has led to fewer days of college lectures and more colleges offering online courses, and voices of university students are demanding tuition reductions. Universities that have continued to freeze tuition fees since 2009 faced a demand for lower tuition in 12 years. There have also been cases where students have requested a refund of the difference due to delayed entry to the dormitory or reported to the Fair Trade Commission.
On April 4, the Ewha Womans University Student Association announced the results of the Ewha Survey due to the worsening of Corona19. 86.5% (3296) of the 3808 respondents said ‘needed tuition reduction.’ They commented that “the semester is reduced from 16 to 15 weeks and online lectures are combined, and it is not right to pay the same high tuition fees for practice.”
The same was true in a survey conducted by the National College Student Council Network last year on 12,613 university students nationwide. 83.8% of the respondents said that the tuition was delayed according to Corona 19 and that tuition fees should be returned during the replacement period. 7547 students (59.8%) answered ‘very necessary’ and 3023 (24%) answered ‘necessary’.


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