People are starting to prefer local supermarkets and online over department stores and hypermarkets.

Housewife Yang, who lives in Seo-gu, Gwangju, spent 1.2 million won for food purchases in February.

She spent more than twice the previous month (550,000 won).

In January, New Year’s holidays helped save some food purchases thanks to food brought from the house, but in February, three families stayed at home due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).


The housewife Yun, who has two children in her sophomores and her sophomores, spent almost one-third of her living expenses last month on food purchases.

As the government, local government, and medical community have spread the corona incidents, life patterns in various fields are changing as they recommend going out and refraining from social gatherings as part of ‘social distance’.


As more people live at home, the share of grocery purchases is growing.


Yang said yesterday, “I was worried about being infected with Corona19, so I went out to eat twice last month.” “I reduced the cost of eating out, but now I eat at home, so I am living as a housewife.”


Yoon said, “The children’s school is delayed for three weeks and the school is closed, so they are stuck in their own homes.


Housewives are said to prefer local supermarkets or online to department stores or hypermarkets where the crowd gathers because of fear of the transmission of Corona 19.


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