90% of employees “experience in school life such as educational background”

Nine out of ten workers experienced prejudice in their careers.

According to a survey of 1716 employees by the flea market job market, which specializes in providing jobs, 92.5% of employees answered that they had experienced prejudice in their work life.



In terms of prejudice experienced by office workers, ‘equality’ (23.4%) came first, followed by ‘gender’ (23.1%) with a slight difference.


Following the age (15.2%), marital status (10.1%), work capability (9%), appearance (7.6%), region of origin (6.3%), past behaviors and events (3.4%) followed by ‘health condition (1.9%)’.

Prejudice is most likely to occur in less than six months (29.8%) and six months to less than one year (28.1%), indicating that more than half of the workers are biased in the first year of employment.


In particular, there were differences in prejudice experienced by gender, which caught the eye. 34.8% of respondents said that they felt prejudice according to ‘education’ among male office workers, and 29.7% of female office workers experienced different prejudice.

In addition, male workers were more prejudiced in


‘working ability’,

and ‘country of origin’ in women’s ‘education’, ‘age’, and ‘marriage status’.

Prejudice was having a significant impact on work. Most respondents reported losing their motivation and enthusiasm for work (30%), and there was an opinion that loyalty to the company was lost (18.3%). In addition, there were no inferior feelings (17.3%), personality changed in a negative direction (12%), health problems such as headache indigestion (11.1%), and business mistakes (6.5%). ) `There were also office workers

On the other hand, 39.9% of the employees tried to overcome prejudice, with 39.9% of them, and showed their performance and attitude (30.1%), and did not make any effort (11.8%), or overcome them. They resigned without being able to leave (9.4%), and they answered ‘I misunderstood (8.7%) by talking directly with the person concerned’.


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