Han Suk-kyu on Dr.Romance 2

There are not a lot of people who look like an elegant picture or a piece of magnificent music, which you want to glance at them for hours and sunk in their gentle voice, sweet and keen eyes, and charming attitude!

For me Han Suk-kyu is one of them!:)

Han Suk-kyu was born on November 4, 1964, in Seoul, and he is one of the leading actors of Korean cinema.

While he was a student at the Theater and Film department of Dongguk University, he sang in a rock band.

I wish I could be in one of his rock gigs and listen to his magical voice!!:(

He started his career as a voice actor at KBS, before moving on to TV and film acting industry.

Great choice!!:D

He has lots of splendid movies in his resume, such as Greenfish (1997), Shiri (1999), Prison(2015), and Berlin (2013).

There are all different and unique roles that are fuse by his charismatic and dazzling character, resulting in masterpieces!

He has been restless in playing in various dramas for TV, to name a few, Tree with deep roots (2011), Dr.Romantic 1(2016), and Dr.Romantic 2 (2020), which are my favorites!

He is so gorgeous in this drama that you don’t want to take your eyes off him!:)

If you enjoy medical and twisted plots, I recommend you to watch Dr.Romantic series, because they are very engaging and exciting to watch, especially with Han Suk-Kyu’s brilliant and strong acting!

According to his co-stars, he is affection and gentle toward others and always guides and supports them.

Han Suk-kyu is married at age 28 years old, and his wife is Myung Joo-im, and they have four children. However, he spends most of his time separately from his family because they are abroad for education matters.

He said that he prefers to go fishing instead of drinking, and everyone knows him as a family man!

He loves his career and states that his job is like a child to him, and he loves acting!!

From my point of view, he is a perfect example of an actor, with his gorgeous look and sweet attitude, not to mention his unique voice and convincing acting!

I wish him health and looking forward to seeing more of his brilliant works!!

Fighting Master Han Suk-kyu!:**

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