Trump to Corona 19 “Close Cooperation with Korea”

¹Ì±¹ Áúº´ÅëÁ¦¿¹¹æ¼¾ÅÍ ¹æ¹®ÇÑ Æ®·³ÇÁ (¾ÖƲ·£Å¸ ·ÎÀÌÅÍ=¿¬ÇÕ´º½º) µµ³Îµå Æ®·³ÇÁ ¹Ì±¹ ´ëÅë·ÉÀÌ 6ÀÏ(ÇöÁö½Ã°£) Á¶Áö¾ÆÁÖ ¾ÖƲ·£Å¸ÀÇ Áúº´ÅëÁ¦¿¹¹æ¼¾ÅÍ(CDC)¸¦ ¹æ¹®ÇØ ½ÅÁ¾ Äڷγª¹ÙÀÌ·¯½º °¨¿°Áõ(Äڷγª19) ´ëÀÀ°ú °ü·ÃÇØ ¹ß¾ðÇÏ°í ÀÖ´Ù. 13:16:28/

US President Donald Trump visited the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC) and

stressed cooperation with South Korea

regarding new coronavirus infections (Corona 19).


President Trump answered the report at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and asked questions

about Korea’s drive-thru screening clinic. “We are working closely with Korea.”


TRUMP said, “They (Korea) are in a very different position. They are very infected and we are not.

But we are working very closely with Korea. You know, we are an alliance. ”President Trump, while an alliance, briefly made the claim that the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was unfair before the previous revision. We are working very closely. In fact, they are calling us and asking for advice from these people. “


He asked another similar question, “They don’t do a test, they do a sample. As they drive by, they provide a sample. Now we can, but it’s not as effective as we are. We do the whole thing in one place.” In Korea, we do sample research. It’s very different. “


When asked if Americans could be comfortable, Trump stressed,

“If they are thinking about going to China, a particular region of

Italy, or going to Korea now, it’s a different decision.”




The United States has banned entry into China, and advised

South Korea to travel to Daegu and northern Italy.


President Trump’s visit to the CDC was canceled because of the possibility that one person had been infected with Corona 19, and it was negative.


President Trump has continued to work with Corona19 throughout the week, including a visit to the CDC. It discusses the status of vaccine development with pharmaceutical company management and visits the National Institutes of Health Vaccine Research Center, which includes a daily schedule to emphasize the Trump administration’s willingness to respond.


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