Two masks can be purchased per person. Effective from 9th

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Producers are shipped to public distributors with more than 80% of their production.
Operators selling more than 10,000 masks must obtain prior approval from the KFDA.

Starting on the 9th, a policy to buy two public masks will be implemented only on the days specified by birth year. In addition, those who sell more than 10,000 masks must obtain prior government approval.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced on the 6th the number of public sale masks available per person, public distributors, and trading standards that require notification and approval of the KFDA following the revision of the ’emergency adjustment of mask and hand sanitizer’.

According to the notice, the producer must release more than 80% of the production on the day from the 6th to the public distributor within 2 days from the production date and contract with the government for this.
If a seller sells more than 3,000 masks outside the public sale, they must report them through the online system by noon the next day. If the number is more than 10,000, prior approval is required.

Pharmacies supplied with public sale masks must be sold after confirming the purchaser’s identity and double purchase, and the quantity is limited.

In addition, when the public sale mask is received, the quantity must be entered in the online system ‘nursing agency business portal’.

Public masks can be purchased up to two per person per week (Mon-Sun).

The post office and Hanaro Mart have not yet established a duplicate purchase confirmation system, so anyone can buy a mask without presenting an ID until the system is established. However, only one sheet can be purchased per person.


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