Departure ahead of schedule / Soaring flight prices to Japan

Japanese flights dropped sharply to three routes.

Corona Fear / Emergency Companies

The proliferation of Corona 19 has raised concerns among Korean companies that have been interacting with Japan as the Japanese government has restricted entry to Koreans. This is because business trips to and from Japan are tied up. Korean companies are struggling to prepare countermeasures, considering that the situation will prolong.

According to the airline industry on August 8, only three routes will remain from domestic airlines to Japan:

△ Korean Air’s Incheon-Tokyo (Narita)

△ Jeju Air’s Incheon-Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka (Kansai).

Business travelers who had to travel between Japan and Korea left in a hurry to Japan late last week. A Korean traveler who met at Haneda Airport in Tokyo said, “We have been able to cancel our meeting with the client company, so we have been ahead of our scheduled business trip on the 11th.” “I don’t know what will happen again after I return to Korea after the 13th business trip.”

In fact, as of late last week’s flights to Japan, demand for boarding increased temporarily as these business travelers, as well as Japanese students and office workers, drove rapidly to get the ‘last car’. As a result, low-cost carriers (LCC), which had hit a 20,000 won special price last month, jumped significantly. An official from an LCC said, “Since last week, when the two countries announced their entry into Korea, the number of normal fare ticket buyers of 300,000 won increased significantly.” As of September 9th, they were quarantined for two weeks, so some flights were full due to increased demand to enter beforehand.

The situation got worse as last year’s measure followed by Japan’s export regulations. As a result, Korean companies are preparing countermeasures to minimize the impact.

A Japanese branch of the four major groups worried that “there are ways such as video calling, but important consultations have a limit compared to face to face.” “The important decisions aren’t made for a month,” he said. A large corporate head of a large corporation in Japan said,

“It should be a practical task, but the resulting deterioration between the two countries is more problematic.”

 “I’m worried that the barely closed relationship is going to walk on the ice sheet again,” he said.

An official said, “I am concerned that the economic relationship between the two countries, which has deteriorated since last summer, may have been totally removed by this measure.” The same is true of Japanese companies. A Japanese company official said in an interview with the Nihon Geizai Newspaper, saying, “We are concerned about losing customers to overseas competitors in the sales sector.”

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