Everything about Topik(korean language test)

TOPIK-Test of Proficiency in Korean

Every foreign student or people which want to work in Korea need to have an Topik Exam.

At the moment, test has passed one hundred and seventy times. And every year people who have the sixth level of a topic increase. And the Korean language is becoming more popular every year. So I will introduce you this exam and all the secrets of how to prepare effectively for it.

The topic is rented in Korea four times a year, and in other countries twice. In each country, the cost of this exam is different, so you can find out about the costs and the exact date on the official website of the TOPIK.

And let’s move on to the secrets that you can use during the TOPIK.

First, it will be part of the listening. On listening, the first twenty questions are pretty easy if you studied Korean diligently. And starting from the twentieth question, you should listen carefully to the main words of the text.

There will be words that will describe the text. You may not understand the text completely, but write down the main words or memorize them well. And yes, there are breaks after each question and I advise you to read the next question.

The second part is reading and writing.

From my own experience I know that reading just becomes boring towards the end, but no, if you want to get your long-awaited results, please read everything to the end and analyze your answer again and again.

Scripture is the hardest part of this exam. Getting your thoughts and writing it all in one piece of paper is not a very easy task. But I suggest you first think about what you want to write, and then start your essay.

How to prepare for an essay I will tell you next time.

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