Moved US Embassy, next to Sookmyung Univ.

The US Embassy located in Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul

began the process of moving to the vicinity of SookMyung University

in Yongsan-gu at the end of 2024.

In 1949, the Embassy moved to Gwanghwamun in 75 years.



According to the Seoul Metropolitan City on the 8th, the city issued a public

announcement on the 27th of last month regarding the designation of the US Embassy

District Unit Plan Zone and the Draft Strategic Environmental Impact Statement. In this

announcement, the city announced that it will establish 9,559㎡ of Yongsan-dong 1-ga,

Yongsan-gu, as the US Embassy District Unit Planning Zone.



The publicly announced Strategic Environmental Impact Statement states that 1–5

Yongsan-dong 1-ga was replaced with the second general residential area in the natural

green area, and the reason for this was the follow-up of the 2005 Korea-US Memorandum

of Understanding. This time, the city announced the reading and listened to the residents

of Yongsan-gu by mid-March. After the US Embassy applies the construction permit to the

Yongsan-gu office, it will start construction after deliberation.


A Seoul city official said, “It is possible to start construction within the year if hurry.” It is

expected that the US Embassy will move to Yongsan-gu by the end of 2024, since it usually

takes three years to complete. “


Yongsan-dong 1-ga 1-5 to be moved by the US Embassy is currently owned by the US

Department of State, so there is no additional land purchase cost. The Embassy will be

moved to Camp Coiner, the main post area in the north of Yongsan Station, and is directly

connected to the road that runs from Suyongdae Subway Station to Yongsango

Intersection. The US Embassy is located on the far north side of the park because the US

military base is a park (Yongsan Park).


 Sejong-daero 188, where the embassy is currently located, is currently the land of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will review its plans for use. The remaining process is the issue of US Embassy staff accommodation. Embassy staff housing is now located near the National Museum of South Post, south of Yongsan Base. Originally, the Embassy tried to build an employee quarter at the former camp coiner on the north side of Yongsan Base, but it was braked by the Yongsan-gu Office


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