Park Jae-bum assaulted on UFC Ortega

Singer Park Jae-bum was assaulted by mixed fighter Brian Ortega at the UFC.

Specifically, the news of the United States that the cheek was hit.


Ariel Hellwani, a US media reporter on August 8, told his Twitter account that

“Korean musician Park Jae-bum was struck by Brian Ortega.

Ortega has questioned Park’s interpretation. ”



“Ortega approached Park Jae-bum while Jeong Chan-sung went to the bathroom and asked, ‘Are you Park Jae-beom?’, And when he answered ‘yes’, he hit Park’s cheek with his palm.”


Chan Chan-sung and Ortega planned to host the main event at the UFC Korea in Busan last year, but the confrontation was defeated by Ortega’s sudden injury. At that time, Chung Chan-sung mentioned Ortega in a recent interview and said, “I’ve run away from me once. I don’t want to hold it.


At this time, interpreter Park Jae-bum.

 Park Jae-beom is CEO of AOMG


Ortega responded to the ESPN MMA Instagram, where the interview was released: “I apologized for the tracytok in Korea, and it was okay because I was a man. It was somewhat violent.

At that time, Ortega expressed direct dissatisfaction with Park Jae-bum’s interpretation, attacking Park Jae-bum,

“I’m not surprised if I get hit by me.”


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