Son Na Eun selected as Adidas model

Apink Son-na-eun was selected as a model for Adidas’ women’s campaign.

According to Adidas on the 8th, Son Na-eun was selected as a model for the Adidas SS20 Women’s Collection campaign launched for World Women’s Day (March 8).

The women’s campaign is not just about getting stronger and changing beyond the world’s standards, prejudices, and obstacles,

but also about giving women a message to acknowledge themselves and enjoy life in their own way. .

The healthy and energetic image of Sohn Na-eun, who is showing great influence on young women of her age by constantly attempting new challenges as an artist and actor who expresses herself confidently, fits the message of the campaign.

Son Na-eun has been selected as a model of Adidas in 2018 and has been working as one of the representative faces of Adidas around the world for more than two years.


Son Na-Eun also shows a comfortable and stylish look with intense and bold movements.

This video, which shows freely movement and stately appearance as if you are peeping into Sohn Na-eun’s private practice room, contains a message to women to enjoy life in their own way and to prove themselves to the world with confidence.


To learn more about the Adidas SS20 Women’s Campaign, visit the official Adidas social page.


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