At home, there’s no lunch outside. Dining landscape changed by Corona 19

A new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is

changing the food culture.

Outdoor activities, such as offline shopping, are shrinking, and home food (HMR) is gaining popularity in the home, while outsiders, such as the workplace, are increasing the number of people who eat their own lunches.

According to Lock & Lock, sales of ‘workplace lunch boxes’ jumped 247% compared to the same period (February 4-15) for the past two weeks from 18 to 29 last month.


It is up 79% compared to the same period last year.

In particular, the sales volume of lunch box set with chopsticks, which is popular among office workers, has increased significantly.

A Lock & Lock official said, “In the aftermath of Corona19, the tendency to pack lunches was more focused on office workers who are reluctant to eat out or eat together.”





Indeed, according to WeMef, the sales of all products searched for the keyword “ home-simple ” from January 27th to last month 27 soared 490% compared to the same month last month.


In the same period, instant cooked food sales rose 178.4%. By item, sales of Korean food items, including instant side dishes (125.69.14%), instant samgyetang (321.06%), and instant soup (76.45%), increased significantly.

Ramen and cup sales also increased 246.9% and 195.95%, respectively.

An official said, “A month has been created to refrain from going out in February, and the number of office workers working at home is creating a natural landscape of eating at home.”

“It seems to be enjoyed as delivery food.”

An official in the distribution industry said, ‘Untact’ consumption, which prefers non-face-to-face due to infection with corona 19, is changing the food culture landscape.

Because of this, the popularity of lunch boxes and snacks is expected to continue. ”


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