BTS Completes ‘ON’ Activity

After BTS finished their activities, they conveyed their love

to the fan club name ‘AMI’



The group BTS expressed their impression of

finishing the ‘ON’ activity.


BTS members Jin, Sugar, and Jungkook said on the official Twitter on the 8th that they had finished their activities with a self-portrait.


First of all, Jungkook said,

“The activities are over. It was a pity, but it was time to find out more about the meaning and importance of time with you.

I knew it well, but more. Thank you so much for supporting me from afar and I want to see you soon. Ami look! “


Suga then said,

“I finished the ‘ON’ activity well. It was an empty activity because I didn’t have you, but I enjoyed it. I love you.”


 I’m glad I came out as well as I prepared. Thank you for watching the activity. ”


BTS released their 4th album ‘Map of the Sol: 7’ last month. BTS proved to be hot with the album, ranking first in the US ‘Billboard 200’ chart, and the title song ‘ON’ also entered ‘Hot 100’ fourth place.


In addition to the conservative UK official charts, it also topped the list in Europe, including France and Germany, which have strong regional colors.


The world’s third largest music market, the Japanese Oricon chart, has also won.


These album sales prove the strong fandom of BTS, and are expected to change the world music industry..


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