Busan’s soul food ‘pig soup’

One of Busan’s famous foods is ‘pig soup’ (pig gukbab).
Busan is one of the most popular Korean tourist destinations.
One of the must-try foods in Busan is the pig Gukbab.

Today I introduce the Busan food pork soup.


Pork soup is a food containing pork in hot soup.

The difference with Sundae Gukbap in Seoul is that it contains pork, not Sundae.
Unlike Sundae Gukbap, pork broth comes out thick, so people who don’t like pig smell may be reluctant.



Gukbab is different by region.
Busan style refers to meat-based clear broth, wheat style refers to beef bone, and internal organs-focused immaculate broth.

Busan style soup includes seasoned leek garnish and wheat style soup cooked chopped green onion garnish.
However, the style of the soup is determined by the individuality of the shop rather than the local color.

“Busan Pork Gukbap,” which is fascinating to eat seasoned leek in warm broth, continues its history from the Korean War.

Baek Jong-won said that the origin of pork soup was North Korean refugee’s food theory, and that North Koreans enjoyed Sundae-gukbap, but during the poor evacuation, Sundae was changed into ‘pig-guk-bap’ to be easy to make.

Refugees’ food became the representative food of Busan.

The characteristic of Busan, “Hybrid Culture,” can be explained by the 6.25 war. With diverse cultures combined in Busan, such as North Korean culture, Gyeongsangdo culture, and American culture, coupled with the progress of metropolitanization due to the rapid increase in population, ‘gukbap’, a form of meal, was located in Busan.

There are many famous pork soup shops in Busan Station.

When you get off at Busan Station, you will see a sign saying “Piggukbap”. Koreans get off at Busan station and take a taxi to introduce their favorite gukbap.

The pork is in it, so you can feel very full after eating it.

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