Chung Chan-sung, Ortega ‘Assault on Jae-bum Park’, “The coward who beats musicians will make bloody”

Martial fighter Chung Chan-sung sent a warning to Brian Ortega,

who assaulted singer Park Jae-bum.

Chung Chan-sung said on his SNS on the 9th, “Last night, you waited until I was away and hit Park. Park is not a professional fighter but a musician.

You are a coward who beats musicians, not fighters. ”


“If you had this plan to fight me, it worked,” he said. “I will knock you down and make your face bloody. I will ruin you. I hope you never run away from me again. ”

Park Jae-bum was hit by ORtega on the 8th.

Park Jae-beom’s agency AOMG said, “The result was that Ortega had a fertilization, but he was dismissed due to quick sanctions by his bodyguards.”


Ortega’s assault on Park Jae Beom was first reported in a Twitter post by US media ESPN Ariel Hellani.

Helwany said, “Korean musician Park Jae-bum was hit by Brian Ortega. This is what Park Jae-bum said. Brian Ortega made Park’s translation a problem. ”

“Brian Ortega saw that Jeong Chan went to the bathroom and approached Park and asked,“ Is it Park Jaebum? ” Brian Ortega then hit Park’s cheek with the palm. ”

Some have speculated that the assault was due to interpretation issues in an interview after the UFC FIGHT NIGHT 165 BUSAN held in December last year.

Chung was due to face Ortega at the time, but the match was inconsistent due to injury. In an interview related to this, Chung said, “(Ortega) has already fled to me once. I don’t want to hold it. ”

Ortega, however, responded to the interview: “When I met you in Korea before, I apologized for the provocation and sorry for you.

But you’re a kid now.

Injuries and running away are a completely different story. ”



In addition, ORTEGA told Park Jae-bum and Jung Chan-sung, the representatives of AOMG, the interpreter, “Welcome to see my game. But don’t be surprised if I hit you when I meet you. Injuries and running away are different things.


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