Delivery service, ‘PENG-SU’ collaboratioN. ..Convenience Stores, White Day Marketing

The picture above shows CU White Day.
Picture Description CU White Day

Convenience store industry entered major marketing ahead of White Day on the 14th of this month.

Convenience store CU announced on the 9th that it will deliver delivery service with Delivery Hero Korea for White Day.

The spread of new coronavirus infections (Corona 19) is taking into account the increasing consumption of untact.

If you purchase CU’s white day plan at YOGIYO by 15th, you can receive delivery service.

If you purchase more than 10,000 won, shipping costs will be reduced by 3,000 won, and if you buy a ‘Love Delivery Box’ consisting of Ghana Chocobar, Sour Sweet and Kicker Bar, you will get 2,000 won off.

In addition, “ White Day-filled Macaroons ” are sold in a limited range of 100,000 pieces, and there will also be a set of pastry sets that collect jelly, chopsticks, and tongs in the shape of lunch boxes and cup noodles.


As in Valentine’s Day, GS25 launched a product that collaborated with popular characters such as PENGSU and Baktoben.

White Day PENGSU set is a product containing chocolate and jelly, PENGSU magnet and mini lifeguard.

It was released in limited quantities of 80,000 pieces, and it is popular with more than 80% being sold by the 5th.

GS25 sells several white day sets and white day medley sets in collaboration with famous YouTuber CHONGMYUTMYUNG and trot composer Park Hyun-woo, who is also known as Baktoben.

In addition, a special set of popular products such as earth jelly and UFO space candy, and unique products such as pork belly-shaped jelly will be presented.


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