“Handsome tigers” basketball tv show on SBS

Handsome Tigers (Korean name: 핸섬타이거즈) is a basketball reality show that the legendary professional basketball player Seo Jang -hoon coaches. The players are celebrities, such as actors, models, and singers who love basketball recruited to form a basketball team and play against top amateur players in Korea.

The show started from January 10, 2020, and airs on SBS every Friday at 23:10 (KST).

The Players are:

  • Lee Sang-yoon (Team Captain)
  •  Seo Ji-seok
  • Lee Tae-sun
  • Moon Soo-in 
  • Kang In-soo
  • Julien Kang
  • Shorry J
  • Kang Kyung-joon
  •  Cha Eun-woo
  • Yoo Seon-ho
  • Kim Seung-hyun 
  • Jeon Ji-hoon 

 Sometimes the game is so tense and engaging that it seems like a professional basketball match! Seo Jang -hoon is a

diligent and serious coach who dedicates himself to the team and supports the players well!

The players are all hardworking, ambitious, and modest and try their best to fulfill the team goal!

Seo Jang Hoon coaches them to bring out their talents, and also, he mentioned that “They’re much more talented than I expected them to be.”

The name “Handsome Tigers” truly is a proper name for this TV show!!

They are all so dreamy and handsome as much as brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident like a tiger!

I firmly recommend this TV show to all, you guys!

You can watch a fun and entertaining basketball games as well as tense and engaging matches!!

All ‘Handsome Tigers’ basketball team players state how much they’ve improved in basketball since the beginning of the show, and they will continue vigorously to keep the games going!!

Fighting Handsome Tigers!!

I am looking forward to watching the new episode on Friday!!

Don’t forget your popcorn!!! 🙂

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