Girls Generation Taeyeon lost her father on her birthday.

The agency informed them of the postponement of the release of the new song, and the netizens mourned the deceased and comforted Taeyeon.


On September 9, agency SM Entertainment said,

“There was a pity that Taeyeon lost her father on the 9th.

Please pray for the deceased deceased and ask Taeyeon to warm up. ”



In addition, the agency said, “We will inform you that we will inevitably postpone the release of Taeyeon’s new song ‘Happy’ and the music video.

We hope that many fans who are looking forward to the new song are aware of it. I will notify you again. “


Especially on this day, Taeyeon adds regret to her 31st birthday.


 Tae-yeon’s bad news on her birthday hurts fans around the world.

The netizens are blessed of the deceased, “Why is the sky so harsh?”, “I can wait forever. Please be well.”, “I feel sick,” “Come slowly,” I love you. ”Said Taeyeon comforted.


Initially, Taeyeon was going to release a new song “Happy” at 6 pm on the same day, and live broadcast “Happy_TAEYEON_Day” through Naver V Live’s SMTOWN channel to commemorate the release of the new song from 7 pm.

However, V Live Broadcast, which was scheduled to commemorate the release of the new song due to the father award, was postponed.


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