ITZY Comeback Showcase… ‘Wannabe’ Dominate the number 1 music chart

The group ITZY (not) has fired a successful comeback signal.

ITZY released their second mini album ‘IT’z ME’ at 6 pm on the 9th

and ‘ITZY LIVE PREMIERE’ at 8 pm on Naver V LIVE.

It was broadcast live.


ITZY opened the showcase with the new song ’24HRS’ (24 hours)

and caught the eye at once with a cool dance line.


Before the official release, they also released their first comeback title song ‘WANNABE’ (Wannabe) and continued the hot performance.

Proud of the group, Yeji, Ria, Ryu Jin, Chae Ryung, Yuna
 The power performance was more than expected again.



In particular, in the ‘WANNABE’ stage, it proved its strength as a ‘stage craftsman’ with perfect military and strength control that seemed to be cut off.



The styling that boldly changed, such as Yeji who changed into a blonde and Yuna who challenged Ful Bang, also gathered a topic.



During the following talks, ITZY gave a detailed explanation of the new recordings and songs, and gave a direct introduction to the title choreography ‘Mimi Dance’ and ‘Hero Dance’.

They showed off their jacket photos, cover dances, charisma on stage and another cute twist on the pentastich corner.



Fans from around the world celebrated ITZY’s first comeback in 2020, exploding in response to upgraded visuals and energetic looks.

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