Kang Daniel comes back with his first mini album ‘CYAN’ on the 24th.

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Singer Kang Daniel will finally come back on the 24th.

Kang Daniel posted a teaser image to announce the release date of his first mini album ‘CYAN’ on the official homepage and SNS on the 9th and started counting down.

In the released image, there is a drawing that cuts out a single area of ​​color from a venn diagram that has three primary colored wheel on a blue background painted with turquoise of the same name as ‘CYAN’ and the title of the album. The title and the comeback schedule of March 24 at 6 pm are written.

This album is the start of the trilogy of the ‘COLOR’ series, which was released in July last year by Daniel following the singer’s debut album, ‘color on me’, and will be the first step of a full-fledged journey to create Kang Daniel’s own color.

The album, which seems to capture the vast ocean and the blue sky, is about fans’ expectations in the series that will continue with the stories of dreams, passions, and challenges that Kang Daniel will draw.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s first mini album “CYAN” will be released on the music site at 6 pm on the 24th.

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