Hanyang University and Kyunghee University
Upon confirmation of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), a portion of the school building was closed and quarantined.

Even in Myongji, Chinese international students attending our language school are evacuating campuses after being confirmed.

According to the ward office and college university on the 11th, Hanyang University student A (22) was confirmed corona19 on that day.

A suffered a sore throat on the 5th and began coughing, and from 9 days after his self-isolation, he was examined at the Dongdaemun-gu public health center.
Mr. A was positive at 8:10 am on the 11th. On June 6, the school held an orientation for 4th grade medical school students, attended by 100 students, in a building where Mr. A worked as a working scholar. On the 9th, 3rd and 4th grade students, medical students, used the building.

Hanyang University is shutting down some of the buildings where Mr. A worked, and working on quarantine, and Sungdong Health Center will dispatch epidemiological investigators in the afternoon to investigate.

Kyung Hee University is closing some buildings and proceeding to quarantine as it is reported that corona 19 confirmed visitor visited the university last weekend.

According to Kyung Hee University, Mr. B, a graduate of the master’s program at the university, became a 14th Corona19 confirmer in Dongdaemun-gu on October 10 after being positively confirmed.

Mr. B is believed to have visited the lab at the university on the 7th of this month.

Accordingly, Kyung Hee University has closed some of the buildings of Seoul Campus in Dongdaemun-gu, which Mr. B recently visited, and is currently working on quarantine.

About 10 students and one professor who were found to have contacted Mr. B were also self-isolated.

An official from Kyung Hee University said, “The disinfection of the building has been done regularly. We are tracking the moving lines of the confirmed people, and we are in the process of preventing the closure and prevention of the building.

Chinese students who attended the Korean Language Education Center of Myongji University were also confirmed as corona19.

According to Myongji University, C (20), a Chinese international student who attended a language school at the University’s Humanities Campus (Seodaemun-gu) last month, was tested at Sinchon Severance Hospital on October 10 with suspected corona 19 symptoms.

Mr. C came to Korea on January 29 this year to take classes at the language school, and was believed to have stayed in Seoul and Yongin.
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