Stock market raining … KOSPI, Mass Sale of Foreigners and Institutions

Stock markets are fluctuating as the new corona virus infection (Corona 19) is showing signs of spreading again.

KOSPI which had begun to rise sat down to the 1930 line.

As of 11:13 am on the 11th, KOSPI recorded 28.69 (1.46%), down 1934.24 from the previous day.

The index, which started at 1.965.67, rose 2.74 points on the day, showing mixed tendency at the early 1960s, with individual investors showing net buying trends for five consecutive trading days. Afterwards, foreigners and institutions were pushed to the 1930s, pouring out large quantities.


Investor sentiment seems to have shrunk significantly as the number of domestic corona19 confirmed surges in Daegu, Gyeongbuk, and the metropolitan area.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that the number of corona19 confirmed at 0 o’clock was 242 more than 0 o’clock the previous day (10th).

Of the 242 new screeners, 149 came from Daegu and Gyeongbuk. Daegu 131 people, Gyeongbuk 18 people. Due to the collective infection of the Guro-gu call center in Seoul, 52 new patients were confirmed in Seoul.

 Gyeonggi and Incheon each have 12 people. Seoul and Gyeonggi have 200 cumulative confirmers, with 193 and 175, respectively. The cumulative number of confirmed patients in Korea is 7755.


Individuals are net buying W490bn for each trading partner, but this is not enough.


Foreigners and institutions are selling net sales of W395.9bn and W29.1bn, respectively. Foreigners sold nearly 3.5 trillion won, selling for five consecutive days.

Market capitalization stocks are also weak. Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, LG Chemical, Celltrion, Samsung SDI, Samsung C & T, and LG H & H are falling.

KOSDAQ also recorded 605.80, down 14.17 points (0.29%) from the previous day

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