How to prepare for TOPIK Writing?

When you start your essay you only must know what are you want to write.

Part of the essay in TOPIK is the most stressful moment, unless you are ready for it. And what advised by foreigners who received the fifth and sixth level in the TOPIK?

Write on quality.Of course, learn new and professional words and learn synonyms. Professors who review essays are different, but that’s not the point. The bottom line is how accurately did you explain your opinion.

Before you begin, write down the key words that will be the key to this essay.

But how to prepare for the exam?

The official website has samples that can be considered ideal options for an essay. After downloading all these samples, analyze how they are written, translate the words that you don’t know into your native language and learn more than the highest level words.

Last, read Korean articles, as TOPIK‘s essay topics are often related to scientific issues or social topics.

In general, to be good in Korean, watch entertaining shows, watch dramas with subtitles only, read the news in Korean.

Good luck!

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