123 Countries restricted entry from korea… Guatemala, Hungary and Czech Republic added

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As the new coronavirus infection (Corona19) spreads to the level of ‘pandemic’, the world’s epidemic, more countries are preventing Koreans from entering .


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as of 10:00 am on the 12th, the number of places that blocked entry from Korea or strengthened the immigration process was 123 countries / regions, four more than the previous day.


Guatemala, Hungary, Czech Republic and Niger were added.


Guatemala has banned Korean, Chinese, European and Iranian nationals from this day.

Koreans residing in Guatemala can enter the country, but must undergo at least self-isolation. Hungary has also begun to block foreign entry to Korea, China, Italy and Iran.


The Czech Republic strongly recommends self-isolation on the 14th after reporting to a physician or health authorities to foreigners visiting Korea, Iran, France, Germany and Spain.


Africa’s Niger will quarantine foreigners visiting Korea, China, Japan, and Italy from countries on the 14th.


As a result, the number of countries and regions that explicitly ban entry, such as preventing entry or allowing entry after a certain period of time after leaving Korea, has increased to 53.


There are 18 places that quarantine travelers from Korea, including China.



The number of countries with low-level measures, such as strengthening quarantine or recommending self-isolation, has increased to 52.


Recently, as the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona 19 as a pandemic, viruses spread to the world, and the number of countries restricting entry to people from Korea is increasing every day.


On the eve of the same day, ten new names, including Moldova, Montenegro, East Timor, Bahamas, Haiti, St. Kitts and Nevis, Argentina, Chad, Central African Republic and Ghana, were listed.


Specific measures for Korean immigrants from around the world can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Travel website (www.0404.go.kr/dev/newest_list.mofa).

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