Ayumi appeared in Korean entertainment after a long time, ‘I have never abandoned Korea’

Ayumi from the group Sugar appeared in ‘Hattoo 4’,

explaining the various rumors surrounding her.


KBS2 entertainment program ‘Happy Together 4’ (‘Haetoo 4’), which will be broadcast on the 12th, will come to viewers with a special feature of ‘Time Traveler’. On this day’s broadcast, time travelers Yang Jun-il, Noh Sa-yeon, Ayumi, and Young-ki, who are transcending time and shining both past and present, will fill viewers’ Thursday nights with laughter.



Ayumi, who appeared in Hattu after 16 years, explained the rumor that she had ‘discarded Korea’.

Ayumi replied, “Jeonju Lee, my real name is Lee Yumi,” and she herself was a native Korean … and raised her curiosity by revealing why she had no choice but to shave her shaved hair.




Ayumi also released anecdotes that contained milk, a rival group, during Sugar’s activities. Ayumi, who was in charge of Suga’s cuteness, felt embarrassed by Park Hee-bon, who had a double-headed head, and at the time, “I thought I should kill that sister”?


On the other hand, Ayumi also apologized for her distress due to her poor Korean language. From the funny story that she has never been to Nonhyeon-ro due to his pronunciation, to various episodes during Sugar’s activities, Ayumi will unleash the story of 16 years.


‘Happy Together 4’ will be aired on Thursday, the 12th at 11:10 pm.

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